Huntsville City and Madison City municipal elections happening today

City clerks report seeing more absentee ballots than previous years.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Municipal elections are happening today in Alabama.

In Madison county, Huntsville and Madison’s mayors are facing a re-election fight and some key city council spots are up for grabs.

The polls are open today for voters, but Huntsville City and Madison City clerks both report seeing more absentee applications than usual.

In Huntsville City, 1,559 ballots were mailed out and usually, that number is fewer than 300.

Huntsville City Clerk Kenneth Benion says the U.S. Post office is struggling to get these ballots out to some people. He says a considerable number of people complained about not receiving theirs on time.

“We knew the mail was going a little slower but we didn’t expect it to the extent that it was,” Benion said.

There were cases where one family member received a ballot in the mail and the other did not.

“After we sent ballots out we have had a considerable number of people who said they didn’t receive them yet or they just received them as of Saturday,” Benion said. “We had cases where the husband received his and the wife hadn’t received her’s yet so there are concerns about how effective they were in delivery.”

On the other hand, Madison City Clerk Melanie Williard says she has not seen any problems with delivery of absentee ballot applications.

Regardless, Benion and Williard encourage those individuals who never received their ballot to vote in-person today using a provisional ballot.

Huntsville and Madison City have safety precautions in place for voters.

Masks and hand sanitizer will be available, pens will be wiped down after every use, and workers will be wearing face coverings.

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