Movie theaters are reopening - but will people go?

Movie theaters are reopening - but will people go?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - COVID-19 has kept people out of movie theaters and away from indoor group settings, but major movie companies including Cinemark are starting to dim their lights and push play.

Now, people like Willate Battle have more options and a chance to get back a small piece of normalcy.

“Its been a tradition for me and my girlfriends to go out, and you know, it’s a different experience for the kind of movies and stuff that they offer.”

Elijah Williams has missed going to the movies, though he says a drive-thru isn’t the same as watching a movie indoors.

“I like the freeness to actually just pull up and watch the movie, and if I prefer to leave, I can get out of the car and just drive off.”

With coronavirus cases still prevalent across the country, going to the movies poses a risk. Williams says he’s looking forward to returning to the movies, but he says he won’t be the first through the doors.

“I might give it about a month or two for me.”

According to the website, Cinemark at Bridge Street is open, and AMC Valley Bend 18 in Huntsville says it plans to reopen on August 27 with COVID restrictions in place.

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