Crime Stoppers: “Honest money” scam

Crime Stoppers, honest money scam

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Crime Stoppers want you to be on the lookout for a scam involving so-called “honest money”.

Unfortunately, for the victim in the case, it was anything but honest.

Investigators said a woman wanted to split her recent “financial windfall” of $150,000, money she received after the death of a family member. But first, she needed an unsuspecting woman to give her $1,500 in “honest” money.

The victim drove to Redstone Federal Credit Union and withdrew $1,500 in honest money, placing it in a bag that supposedly had the rest inside. The suspect asked if she could be dropped off at a Home Depot to shop. The driver was told to lock the bag of money in her trunk and she would be called when her new business partner wanted to be picked up.

However, after several hours, the driver checked the bag. The $1,500 was gone and a roll of toilet paper was the only thing left in the bag.

Do you know this thief? The Crime Stoppers said she also took advantage of another woman, swiping $9,000 from her!

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