What Florence City Schools can expect when they return to the classroom

Florence City Schools preparing to reopen

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - Students will return to campus in Florence for the first time in five months tomorrow.

Florence City Schools administrators say they have spent months making sure the building is safe and ready for class.

Facemasks, social distancing, and hand washing are the three new key principles for learning.

“Our students have not been in school since March 18th and some of them definitely want to be back and we want to see them back,” said Superintendent Dr. Jimmy Shaw.

Before schools open tomorrow they are doing everything to ensure safety guidelines are met. Precautions to keep students safe are evident from the moment students get to the front door of their school.

“We’re trying to follow guidelines, make plans, and do the best we can,” said Shaw.

This includes signs directing the flow of one-way traffic to reduce crowded hallways. Desks inside of classrooms will also be spaced out as much as possible.

“We have done like most people and stocked up on cleaning supplies, readily available, classrooms have wipes to be able to wipe down desks,” said Shaw.

Today custodians disinfected the hallways, classrooms, and high touch point areas. While in-person learning takes place, deep cleaning will be done much more often.

“Many of our custodians have an evening shift so that once students are gone, they have a shift in the afternoon so they can really get into cleaning when no one is around,” said Shaw.

The school district said it’s doing everything it can to keep everyone inside the building safe, but they can’t do it alone.

“The first line of defense is at home. If your child doesn’t feel well, if they have a fever, if they have the persistent cough we do ask that you keep them at home because once they’re all here then we’ll do the best that we can do, but it is vital that if they don’t feel well, not to bring them,” said Shaw.

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