UNA students return for in-person classes

UNA fall semester begins

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - The fall semester is officially underway at UNA. However, life on campus looks a little different this year because of Coronavirus restrictions.

While some students opted for online learning, others like MJ Satchel, are glad to be back on campus.

“I’m excited, extremely nervous, but just as excited to see all of my friends again and get back to the grind of school,” said Satchel.

It’s the first day of his sophomore year and Satchel chose to attend classes in person. He says he’s mostly interested to see how everyone is going to adjust to the “new normal.”

“Just to see how versatile everyone will be like changing how all of the events will be spread out or 6 feet apart or make it virtual just to see how smart everybody is. It’ll really test everybody’s character and how we will preserve,” said Satchel.

The university is keeping students safe with a passport app that tracks students’ daily health. There are also signs throughout campus to remind everyone of COVID-19 protocols.

The students aren’t the only ones glad to see the campus reopened.

Vice President of Student affairs Kimberly Greenway said it’s going to take a village to keep the entire campus and community safe.

“There’s less risk for younger people, but our community doesn’t just have younger people so particularly for the students that expressed that they really wanted this environment for them to come in and follow all of the protocols,” said Greenway.

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