Poll workers still needed, will be paid bonus

State searching for election poll workers

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - With a major election just a couple months away, there's a need to make sure precincts are staffed.

Some regular poll workers are opting out of this election.

“One of the things some people are talking about because of COVID 19 is their hesitation to work the polls,” said Secretary of State John Merrill.

In advance of those concerns, local election officials are working to recruit poll workers now.

“The day to be concerned about poll workers is not October the 25 or November 2, it’s August 18,” said Merrill.

The minimum age is 16 and the only restriction is they cannot handle a ballot.

"In 2019 we passed legislation that allowed high school students to work the polls.

Poll workers are paid at least $100 a day and will receive up to $50 additional pay this year due to the pandemic.

To sign up to be a poll worker, fill out the form at this link and email or deliver it to your local probate office.

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