NCAC creates toolkit to assist educators identify possible child abuse and neglect during remote learning

National Children's Advocacy Center toolkit

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The National Children’s Advocacy Center has developed a resource guide for educators in collaboration with local school districts to help educators identify possible cases of abuse and neglect during remote learning.

After the closure of schools during the onset of the pandemic, Madison County experienced a 50% drop in child abuse cases reported.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges and burdens for our educational leaders having to weigh the benefits and risks of classroom learning. While many students are safer at home, some are at a higher risk for physical and sexual abuse and neglect.

NCAC Executive Director Chris Newlin shared, “The NCAC is strongly committed to the protection of children and recognizes the critical role our educational partners play in both educating and protecting children. It is our hope this guide will support their efforts as children learn best when they are not experiencing trauma or violence in their lives.”

Educators are vital in the fight against child abuse but knowing how to spot it and respond to it in an eLearning setting creates new challenges. The Guide for Educators and Mandated Reporters during Remote Learning provides visual cues of possible abuse, along with verbiage to help teachers and counselors determine what is happening in a student’s home. While intended for the educator community, this toolkit can also serve as a guide everyone in our community.

After receiving the guide, Leigh Ann Brown, School Counseling Services Coordinator for Huntsville City Schools said, “We appreciate the partnership with the National Children’s Advocacy Center in our efforts to keep students safe in Huntsville City Schools.”

The NCAC appreciates the hard work and diligence of all our educators. Our longstanding partnerships with Huntsville City Schools, Madison City Schools, Madison County Schools, and the many private schools in our community have created a safer environment for our children.

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