More UNA Sports Affected After ASUN Postponement of Fall Sports

Conference Intends to Play Spring '21
Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 10:30 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - First football. Now, the thirteen other sports at UNA will have their seasons postponed or in a holding pattern due to the Pandemic. Today the Atlantic Sun Postponed all fall Sports And Championships for Men’s and Women’s Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Volleyball. The Lions Women’s Soccer Coach Chris Walker held a practice this morning when they received the news.

“We start School Wednesday, so we’ll get into the swing of that,” Walker said. “We’ll get some ruling on what we can and can’t do in terms of practice time this Fall. But we’re going to make it as competitive as possible, obviously stay healthy and safe with everything that’s going on and trying to stay in those guidelines and keep a safe environment for everyone. We’ll try and get out there, we’ll try and scrimmage and mix things up. We got a lot of new faces on the team this year, so some team bonding and the girls continuing to get to know each other.”

There is the possibility of playing in the Spring of 2021. Walker believes it can be done.

“From a soccer perspective, definitely. We play year round overseas and it’s something we do. We take a month off in May or in June and got back at it. In terms of playing, the girls, whether they are here from the states or overseas, They play club (soccer) year round in High School. So in that, they’re used to it.”

The big question for all of College athletics, will eligibility be retained. The NCAA Council will propose guidelines to the NCAA board next week to protect student athletes affected.

“Not knowing is that hard part,” Walker added. “Not having all the answers to the questions like everyone’s got. Having that extra year would be nice. And for us not necessarily having the year, it could be even the semester even in the Fall. the girls may need that extra semester to graduate, or if they wanna start grad school. So it generates a lot more options but generates more questions.”

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