North Alabama farmers worried over lack of rain

Farmers need rain

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Farmers in North Alabama are concerned about the recent lack of rain.

One farmer in Limestone County, Ben Looney, says he’s worried.

“It’s gonna be a real short crop this year if we don’t get a rain here very soon,” said Looney.

Looney says August is always dry, but he's especially worried this year.

While Looney and farmers across the country rely on their crops for their business, he says he’s prepared.

“We do have insurance to help us. And we buy it for that purpose, because you never know what the weather’s going to do. So we’ve been doing this. This is a family farm. I’ve been doing it for my life and grew up on it, watching my dad. And now I have a son that’s moved in and helping us. And starting with us young. And it’s just been a family farm, and we’ve made it through, every time,” said Looney.

Looney says he’ll find out the true impact of the lack of rain when he harvests his crops of beans, corn and cotton later this year.

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