Inaugural class at ASCTE to begin in-person learning Monday

Cyber school update

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Monday will be the long-awaited first day of school at the new Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering located on Oakwood University's Campus.

The inaugural class is currently moving into their new dorms.

This school is no different than any other school across the country. The top priority: student safety.

It is all in-person learning for the students enrolled at the magnet school.

President Matt Massey said the first year of classes will be held in person, so administrators, teachers and students get to know each other and focus on the school's mission.

Seventy-five students from across the state will make up the first class at the new residential cyber magnet school.

Massey and the rest of the administration met the students virtually during the interview process. Move in-weekend is the first time they will meet face-to-face. Students are required to wear face coverings and follow all local ordinances.

During school, they will be split up in smaller teams of about 20 and stay with their group throughout the day. Massey said in-person instruction is crucial for the first school year.

“The first year opening up, with the curriculum it was going to be too difficult to have a quality online virtual instruction,” said Massey. “We didn’t have a virtual option. They have virtual options at their home district. Out of our almost 75 kids we only had one student that said with the parents right now we are going to stay home, other than that it’s been remarkable.”

Teachers will have three weeks of classes prepared for online learning in the event school must close.

Students who live on campus must monitor for any COVID-like illness, if they begin experiencing any symptoms they must quarantine in an alternative dorm.

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