UNA Football Deals with Big South Announcement

Lions have Option of Playing Four Non-Conference Games at Their Discretion

WAFF - Big South Conference postpones fall sports

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - College athletics continue to change daily. UNA football has been affected with the latest news at the FCS level.

The Big South Conference officially announced that all Fall sports will be canceled with the intention of playing in the Spring of 2021. The UNA Lions along with other Big South Conference members have the opportunity to play four non-conference games at each University’s discretion.

“Well we do know now there’s isn’t any conference play obviously in the Fall,” UNA Head Football Coach Chris Willis said.

“It did look like it left the door open for teams that want to try to fill a schedule. I guess there is some glimmer of hope that we might be able to play some football in the Fall. I mean, I don’t know who those opponents will be.”

Eligibility issues also a major factor for athletes.

“You know I just wanna know what I can and cannot do with our football players from now until the Thanksgiving holiday. What can i do if we don’t have a schedule, then if we do have a schedule, whats that look like?”

There’s the option of trying to play a full football schedule in the Spring, which brings plenty of obstacles, especially for an FCS program like the Lions.

“For a school like ours it takes our whole administration, and all of our, you know, is baseball gonna be going on,” Willis added. “Is basketball gonna be going on? is softball gonna be going on? I mean, that puts us pretty thin on trying to operate all these games and schedules. it’s a budget issue as well. But I guess on the flip side of things if the NCAA or our conference say that we are playing, we have no choice but to play.”

UNA has thirteen other athletic programs, that aren’t associated with the Big South Conference. Those programs play in the Atlantic Sun Conference. No word on their decision for Fall Sports.

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