Russellville business offers $10,000 reward to catch thief

WAFF - $10,000 reward to help stop Russellville thief

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - One business owner in Franklin County is turning to the public to help catch whoever is stealing his property.

Jeff Murray owns M&N Wrecker in Russellville and says his business has been the target of repeated thefts.

“You basically took the money out of our pockets that we were paying our employees and taking care of our family and their family with,” said Murray.

Thousands of dollars worth of tools went missing three weeks ago.

“We went to tow a vehicle and one of my drivers informed me that some of the tools were missing so we went out and inspected some of our other trucks and noticed a lot more of our tools were missing,” said Murray.

Murray is offering a $10,000 reward to get the business’s tools back.

“We’ve noticed other stuff since we’ve made the report with the sheriff’s department that has been bothered and we just wanted the public to be aware that there was someone stealing stuff and that if they run across any of these specialty tools that will only work on a large tow truck that if they showed up to please give us a call,” said Murray.

The tools aren’t just items to the men but their livelihood.

“If one of our drivers is out on the side of the road and he didn’t have the tools to perform the job it endangers his safety, the persons we’re towing safety and anybody else on the highway,” said Murray.

Murray says they’ve been able to replace 90 percent of what was taken, but at a cost to the company’s budget.

“Instead of bonuses I give my guys at Christmas then it might not be as much,” said Murray.

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