Jackson county sees spike in coronavirus cases

Jackson County COVID-19 update

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WAFF) - Jackson county leaders want to ensure that citizens are following safety measures after a recent spike in cases.

“We found out this morning that our cases have gone up to 1,014 here in Jackson County,” said Jackson County Commission Chairman Tim Guffey.

Guffey said he believes he knows why cases have spiked.

”For the most part our citizens are doing a real good job about social distancing and keeping their masks, but we have had several reports of large gatherings of large number of people that we think is contributing to spike in news,” said Guffey.

As a solution, Guffey said he and the county commission will start providing weekly informational videos. Cleaning staff will sanitize the courthouse to help reduce the spread of the virus.

”I’m going to try and start putting out some informational videos to let them know what they need to be doing and kind of keep them informed on what’s going on in Jackson county, so they can make good decisions on they need to proceed further,” said Guffey.

Guffey said face coverings are required by staff and citizens at the courthouse. Social distancing barriers are in place to ensure that everyone is protected.

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