Arab City School system updates reopening plan

Arab City School system updates reopening plan
Arab City Schools (Source: waff)

ARAB, Ala. (WAFF) - Arab City Schools updated its reopening plan and will start the school year with all “traditional” students on a hybrid learning plan that requires some virtual schooling.

The board approved the new plan Monday night.

The system’s original plan allowed students to choose from virtual or traditional options. According to the new plan, that was changed due to new guidance from Alabama’s Department of Public Health.

Traditional learning students will be split into two groups that will physically attend school either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday based on last name. Wednesdays will be all virtual for all students so that staff can perform additional cleaning for school buildings. When students are away from campus they will still receive virtual instruction.

Traditional learning students with last names A-K (Group A) will attend school on Monday and Tuesday. Students with last names L-Z (Group B) will attend school on Thursday and Friday. If siblings with different last names fall into Groups A and B parents may choose send all of those siblings to school with Group B.

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