UNA students moving in Sunday

UNA students moving in Sunday

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - Move-in day for students at the University of North Alabama starts Sunday, but things will look a little different.

This year students will have seven move-in days instead of three.

“We’ve got students coming in to every hall, everyday throughout this week,” says Jennifer Sutton, the university’s Housing and Residence Life Director.

As soon as they arrive, students will have to show their daily health check passports so housing staff will know they’ve been cleared to be on campus. The incoming students will also be screened by health services.

To limit the number of people moving onto campus, each student has a reserved check-in time based on the building, floor and wing his or her dorm is located in.

“We really wanted to spread it out and minimize crowds throughout the halls, the congestion of people moving and be able to give ourselves more time to make sure we’re sanitizing those high-touch areas, that health service has the opportunity to screen everyone correctly,” says Sutton. “This really should decrease some of that stress for some of our students and parents moving in and allow them to give them a little more individualized time.”

Another change that comes into play is that the “unpack the pride program,” where volunteers normally help students move in, will not happen this semester.

Junior Kemi Anderson has already checked into one of the university’s on-campus apartments. She says not having the extra help makes the process more complicated.

“Other times when I’ve done it, there was more assistance of course because people would be helping you with the carts and everything, but because of covid it was just me and my parents trying to move stuff in, and it was a little tiresome,” she says. “But it was pretty good. It went pretty smoothly,”

Sutton says the university is doing everything possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

“We want them to feel as safe and secure and excited as possible.”

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