Franklin County Schools share reopening plan ahead of school start date

Franklin County Reopen

PHIL CAMPBELL, Ala. (WAFF) - Franklin County will begin classes in just under two weeks. While the district has a reopening plan in place - the number one goal is keeping students and teachers safe during uncertain times.

When the school bell rings students and teachers will walk the halls of Phil Campbell school again for the first time since doors closed in March.

“It’s been a very difficult time. Not having elementary school kids in school since March has been completely different for all of us,” said Phil Campbell Elementary School Principal Jennifer Warhurst.

Franklin County Schools start back on August 20th with two options for learning.

“We do have an in-person traditional setting for students to come to. We also have a remote learning from home,” said Warhurst.

Students - both elementary and high school - will be required to commit *9 weeks to remote learning if that is the option they choose. Just like in-person students, they too will be held accountable to completing work by deadlines. Phil Campbell High School Principal Darit Riddle says according to school registration numbers more students are opting for in-class learning.

“Kids are that anxious to get back whether they admit it or not they want to be in school. I think they want to get back to see their friends, get back to some normalcy that hasn’t gone on since March,” said Riddle.

Desks have sat empty for months. Lockers haven’t been opened since schools let out in the spring.

That all changes this month. Teachers are working hard in their classrooms. The janitorial staff is busy too. They’re in charge of making sure every surface is clean and sanitized.

“We actually got to hire another custodian so we’ll have more members on staff to help clean. In between each class do the best we can to keep things clean. We’re excited to get back. We’ll go day-by-day see what we can do and hopefully just get back to normal,” said Riddle.

Normal - or perhaps a "new" normal as schools do the best they can to navigate a pandemic while making sure students get the best education possible.

Franklin County schools also plan to practice social distancing. They hope by adjusting lunch schedules and class dismissal times that will help keep any potential coronavirus cases out of schools.

As for buses, they will be sanitized after all routes have been completed in the morning and afternoon. Each bus will have a hand sanitizer station.

Every student will be required to use the station when getting on and off the bus.

Franklin County Schools share reopening plan ahead of school start date
Franklin County Schools share reopening plan ahead of school start date (Source: waff)

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