Sheffield mayor not seeking re-election

Sheffield Mayor

SHEFFIELD Ala. (WAFF) - August 25th will mark the first time in 20 years a familiar name will not be on the ballot in Sheffield.

After 20 years, Ian Sanford plans to no longer serve as the mayor of Sheffield.

Among the city’s achievements during his tenure, he cited working on the Robert Trent Jones golf course package in 2000 where each city and county worked together.

“If one person would have had an ego or one city it wouldn’t have worked, but we worked in harmony and got that done,” said Sanford.

Working together is one tip he has for his predecessor. Another one is quite simple he says, “first your heart has to be sincerely in it.”

He says that as mayor you have to always put the citizens first. “We’re not up here to do what we want, what we personally like or dislike. We are here to represent the citizens,” said Sanford.

While putting the people first, with 20 years as mayor, the pandemic has been a challenge, but he’s confident that the cities finances will be upstanding.

“I think we’re going to leave the city in decent financial state. We did not take the hit we were all expecting,” said Sandford.

And most importantly he says, “I’m positive about the future of our city. I really am.”

Kevin Robinson, David Johnson, Penny Freeman, Cathy McMullins and Steve Stanley will all be on the ballot for Sheffield’s mayoral election.

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