Residents outraged after apartment geared towards disabled people has elevators out for over a week

Apartment accessibility

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Residents told us dozens of disabled and elderly people are trapped inside their apartment building on Thursday evening.

For days, two broken down elevators have kept them from getting the necessities they need.

That’s how Michael Brandon described his situation from the third floor of the Huntsville Summit Apartments.

“We are being treated not like second class citizens, like last class citizens,” Brandon said.

Brandon told our crews because of a medical condition he can only get around in a wheelchair or with a walker. Something he said isn’t happening after both elevators in the building went out of service nine days ago.

Our crews were invited up to Brandon’s apartment where they witnessed the elevators being down.

“Before Memorial Day one had gone down and has been inoperable,” Brandon said. “Ever since Memorial Day and until then we’ve been operating on the one elevator.” Brandon said so losing two means he loses his mobility.

Brandon’s neighbor, Willie Auston said for him no elevator is also a struggle after knee surgery.

“For most people it’s a life or death thing because some people can’t get off the floor with wheelchairs so they are like prisoners there,” he said. “They can’t come down unless someone can carry them back up, but no one can carry them back up.”

Brandon said he has approached management several times, and they either don’t answer or tell him they are waiting on a part.

“I had to even send a friend up to the bank yesterday to get my money order here to pay the rent,” he said.

According to the apartment website, the property is managed by a company named Ambling, which also oversees properties all over the south east.

Our crews called the apartment complex and attempted to reach the property management company. We are still waiting for a comment.

While at the complex, we spotted a sign posted on the property that reads in part, “They are working diligently on sourcing the needed parts to have the repairs made ASAP.”

According to officials with the Fire Marshall’s Office, they left a stern warning with management to get these elevators fixed, especially after a medical call over the weekend had firefighters carrying a resident downstairs.

We're told property managers are working to repair or replace the elevators which is taking some time.

We’ll stay on top of this developing story.

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