Colbert County updates school opening plans with staggered opening

Colbert County School Plan

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - School systems across the Tennessee Valley continue to adapt plans and policies ahead of the school year.

Most school systems are offering traditional or virtual options.

Colbert County Schools recently updated its plan to include a hybrid approach.

Colbert County schools plan to start class on August 24th, but a little differently

“We as a district have decided the only way to properly protect our faculty staff and students is to decrease the number of students that are in the building,” said Superintendent Doctor Gale Satchel.

They will be doing this through staggered reopening which means Students will be divided into two groups, Group “A” and Group “B”

“A Group will attend school Monday and Tuesday. They will be virtually on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Thursday and Friday B group will be traditional. On Wednesday everyone will be remote,” said Satchel.

Superintendent Doctor Gale Satchel says these new plans come after the health department released new information earlier this week.

“They have really stressed social distancing,” said Satchel.

She says her number one concern is the health of faculty, staff, and students, but not being in school 5 days a week does raise more concerns.

“It does put more emphasis on the greater need of broadband connectivity in the county,” said Satchel.

“I also have a worry in my heart that there are some parents that are going to have to find alternate childcare services because we aren’t in school 5 days a week,” said Satchel.

But even in the midst of constant change --- her goal still stays the same.

“The vision is still the same, educating our kids. The strategy has changed.”

Dr. Satchel says families have the flexibility to change their plans after the first 9 weeks are over.

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