Protests after Madison County Courthouse Confederate monument vandalized

Protests after Madison County Courthouse Confederate monument vandalized

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Many are seeing red after the Confederate monument at the Madison County Courthouse was vandalized.

Local groups got together to hold a protest outside the courthouse named “Let the Stain Remain.”

Our crews were outside the courthouse talking to protesters and other community members.

Some people said they’re happy the statue is now covered in paint, while others said they’re outraged.

“I’m not upset that this happened,” Vaughn Bocchino said. “I understand the frustration it seems like city officials just keep kicking the can when this needs to go.”

On the other hand, outrage.

“It’s part of our history. Good bad or ugly history is history,” Bob Plunkett said. “I understand people are upset but this is vandalism, and vandalism is against the law.”

David Odom with the Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance said he doesn’t know who did it, but he wants to thank them.

“We are saying no tax dollars to polish white supremacy. No public resources wasted cleaning up a confederate monument,” Odom said. “The fact that the monument is here is an abomination enough and to spend public resources to clean it up and make it look pretty is too far.”

In June, the alliance raised the money to pay the $25,000 fine resulting from the Memorial Preservation Act.

Commissioners and city leaders said they can’t relocate the statue until a state committee gives them permission, otherwise they face consequences.

The charge for the vandalism would be criminal mischief, according to authorities.

Also, Commission Chairman Dale Strong said he hopes to have the monument moved by the end of the year, something protesters told us is too far away.

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