Huntsville City School Board members discuss students’ return to campus

Huntsville City Schools BOE meeting

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Huntsville City School Board held it’s first board meeting in-person in months Thursday.

Students will be learning remotely for the first 9 weeks of school, but Superintendent Christie Finley said that plan might change, and students might be back in class even sooner than expected. “We talked about 9 weeks being the benchmark for reopening, but what we want to know is that input from our leaders outside the school district about how we can reopen safely and if there’s a way to do it sooner.” Finley said during Thursday’s meeting “We don’t want to alarm parents but we want them to know our intent is to have students back in the building quickly but in a safe way when it’s time and we see the numbers continue to decrease in a trend over two or three weeks.”

The district will attempt to do its own contact tracing after launching a new internal COVID-19 reporting form.

“Calling these individuals and finding out have they been on campus, if so, what day. We also find out if they have actually been diagnosed or if they just have symptoms or have they been around someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and all individually based and where we go from there will depend, we always use or ADPH guidelines of course,” said Jana Mason with Huntsville City Schools health services department.

The district also approved temperature check monitors that can give immediate notification to alert leadership on what students or staff are registering.

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