Albertville and Guntersville City Schools delay return date for school

school start dates moved

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) -Guntersville and Albertville City School districts have announced they will be delaying their school start dates.

Students in Guntersville will now be starting school on August 25th instead of August 12th.

Superintendent Brett Stanton said this is due to serious maintenance issues at two schools.

“At Guntersville Elementary School we’ve got a mold issue and at Cherokee Middle School we’ve got asbestos issues in the third grade bathrooms,” said Stanton.

Stanton said maintenance crews are working with an outside company to ensure that repairs will be completed before school.

He said he wants parents to know that safety is their top priority to ensure that staff and students are safe.

In Albertville, schools are also seeing delays to give staff and teachers enough time to train on and customize their Schoology program for virtual learning.

“We’re going through more intensive training from 12 to 3 tomorrow and then that week that we push forward they will have enough time to be ready,” said Vanessa Fowler, Albertville Primary Principal.

Plexiglas is also being installed in classrooms to ensure that students are protected and provide proper distancing.

“We have our Plexiglas on our tables and I’m use to using community supplies where everyone is using out of the same pot on each table. I’ve had to kind of change that this year, so I’ve attached baskets with zip ties underneath chairs so that each child has their own space.,” said Abby Jones, 2nd Grade Teacher at Albertville Primary School.

Albertville Schools will now start on August 24th.

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