Staff, students at Jackson County tech school create 3D face shields

Staff, students at Jackson County tech school create 3D face shields

HOLLYWOOD, Ala. (WAFF) - Students in the Jackson County school system are already hard at work, creating protective gear for others.

For the past two weeks, Earnest Pruett Center of Technology staff and students have been busy making 3D face shields.

It’s a collaboration with the University of Alabama Huntsville’s Systems Management and Production Center.

Students at SMAP were making shields for hospitals and nursing homes and program director Dr. Maddux decided to have EPCOT create them.

Tammie Clark draft and design instructor at EPCOT said the shields are made of transparency film and created using a 3D printer.

“The material we’re using which is more of an economical material to use for prototyping parts, even the face shield they can prototype and what it does it’s like a hot glue gun and it does it layer by layer and it makes the part for use,” said Clark.

Most importantly, Clark said staff and students will still be able to receive hands on learning while staying protected with the shields.

“With a mask they can’t see them pronounce or enunciate words you know. They are learning how to form sentences and everything, so with this starting out it’s just for pre-K-third grade and then later throughout the year we will be producing for the rest of the schools from the fourth and up,”said Clark.

Over 200 3-D face shields have been produced and given out to school districts.

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