Rocket Chef fundraiser goes virtual this year, but local chefs and community members are still invited

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville is gearing up for Restaurant Week, which is just ten days away!

In the meantime, the Food Bank of North Alabama and Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center is putting on its annual Rocket Chef fundraiser.

But just like every other event, the pandemic means some changes for restaurant week and everything leading up to it.

Rocket Chef organizers had to compromise to keep this community event alive.

In past years, chefs from local restaurants would come together and compete with mystery ingredients to make unique meals in 20-minutes or less. But this year, for safety precautions, the fundraiser will be virtual.

Although it may not be as hands-on as before, fun videos from past years will be posted online and local chefs will be speaking virtually about their expertise.

Since 2014, Rocket Chef has raised more than $200,000 for the Food Bank and Merrimack Hall, thanks to donors, chefs, restaurants and volunteers.

The Food Bank has used the money to start new programs, such as mobile pantries for low-income seniors and students.

Shirley Schofield, executive director of the food bank, says this fundraiser is all about collaboration and unity.

“I think this event is a really unique one because you have two very different non-profits working together. We don’t necessarily serve the same people but we all have a common goal of making our community better and so I think it’s really very exciting to have Merrimack Hall working with us to make our community better,” Schofield said.    

If you have time to spare this week, grab some popcorn and join in on this virtual event.

All proceeds equally benefit the Food Bank of North Alabama and Merrimack Hall.

Dates: Monday, Aug. 5-19, 2020


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