Fyffe aims for another state title in Class 3A

Fyffe has won four of the last six state championships in Class 2A

Fyffe aims for another state title in Class 3A

FYFFE, Ala. (WAFF) - They own the longest regular season and region winning streaks in the state. They also own the longest home winning streak in the state, and most consecutive games scoring a point. The Fyffe Red Devils, the standard in north Alabama, and now the program moves to Class 3A, ready for new challenges.

“We’ve got three schools on the schedule that we haven’t played and the kids are excited about that,”Benefield said. “But we just try to play one at a time, and it’s just gonna be a challenging year all the way around I’m sure, and nobody knows the future for us.”

The Red Devils have won four state championships in the last six years. To win their fifth, they will do so without their starting quarterback Zac Pyron, who moved to the Birmingham area. Some believe the success the Red Devils have had is because of who they’ve played.

“We’ve played Tanner, We’ve played Elba, We’ve play Luverne, we’ve played Reeltown, we’ve played Lafayette, we’ve played Lannett. What else, who else do they want us to play? So, we’re not gonna beat Hoover, we’re not gonna play Hoover and people like that. I just get a little bit irritated sometimes when I hear. That’s mainly people hating, haters. It’s people that aren’t for ya that say you don’t play anybody, that’s mainly people that are against you.”

2020 edition of the Red Devils could be the best group of this unreal dynasty. For Benefield it’s been unimaginable the success for his community.

“It’s been an awesome run, we live day by day. We don’t think about it , we just try to get better everyday. I try to tell kids you can get better or get worse everyday. That’s just the mindset and we let then games take care of themselves.”

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