Fort Payne officials make COVID-19 preparations for municipal voting

Fort Payne officials make COVID-19 preparations for municipal voting

FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WAFF) - In three weeks, voters will head to the polls to vote in municipal elections in the state of Alabama.

On Aug. 25, municipal elections will be held across Alabama.

This year, voting will be conducted in two voting places in Fort Payne: at the VFW Hall and Wills Valley Recreation Center.

“We will have one way in and one way out, there will be no cross tracking of people coming in. We will have golf carts for people who may not want to walk the distance to and from to the polling place,” said Fort Payne city clerk Andy Parker.

Parker said they have 17 volunteers for the polling locations. He said there are usually more, but many backed out due to COVID-19.

“What we found this election cycle is that people were very reluctant to be a poll worker this year because of the fear of COVID. So we had to find younger groups of people who may not have participated in the past, but were willing to step up this year,” said Parker.

As a solution, Parker said he would like to encourage people to come in now for absentee voting.

“Secretary of State has actually issued an order that one of the boxes you can check on the absentee application is I am unable to leave the house and that satisfies the secretary of state as being able to vote absentee,” said Parker.

Both polling locations are being sanitized and supplies will be available to help keep everyone safe.

Here are the deadlines for voting absentee in municipal elections:

The deadline to register is Aug. 10.

The deadline to submit an application for your absentee ballot is Aug. 20.

They must be hand-delivered by Aug. 24 or have a post mark date of Aug. 24.

Absentee ballots that are mailed must be received by noon on Aug. 25.

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