Deer treated as community pet killed in Tuscumbia

Deer treated as community pet killed in Tuscumbia

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WAFF) - Some members of a Shoals neighborhood are mourning the loss of a community fixture: Dixie the deer.

People in the Cedar Hills community of Tuscumbia were shocked when Dixie was shot and killed.

We talked with a homeowner who says Dixie the deer used to visit her garden and her home for more than five years. She’s now heartbroken Dixie was killed.

“When I would work outside she would come to where I was and I would put my arm around her neck and say where have you been? She would then hang around with me while I was working and I would feed her chips and crackers and she would go on about her business,” said Jerri Daniel.

Daniel even has photos of Dixie in frames that she keeps inside her home. For Dixie and other homeowners in the Cedar Hills community, Dixie wasn’t a wild deer. Dixie was family.

“We’ve played with her in our yard. She’s been in our yard with our dog, with our baby, you know she’s never posed a threat to us or a nine-month-old child you know we’ve never been concerned about her,” said Keri Newton.

Dixie roamed the streets and hills for several years until Friday when a neighbor said the deer charged at someone and injured them.

A game warden was called in.

According to Facebook posts, the warden said he had no choice but to euthanize the deer with a gun.

“It will be sad to look out and not see her and I worry about her babies,” said Daniel.

The shooting is currently under investigation.

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