Florence protests remain peaceful for a second night in a row

A second night of protest in Florence

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - Protesters and counter-protesters in Florence were busy for the second night in a row, voicing their concerns on the future of the confederate statue standing outside the Lauderdale County County House.

Police officers made sure there was a good distance between the two groups, who have different opinions on whether the monument should stay or go.

“This has got to be relocated to a better place so that when people of color or anyone that is marginalized comes into this courthouse for any reason, they aren’t reminded of the fact that on this land in the 1800s, slaves were bought and sold and traded on this spot,” says Kate Dosten-Wright. “It’s a horrific reminder, and it’s time for it to go.”

”These guys fought for their body of government because that’s what they were asked to do. They had no choice,” says Jim Williams. “There’s no reason to tear this monument down.”

Lauderdale County commissioners say their hands are tied because a 2017 state law prevents moving a monument that’s been in place at least 40 years.

We’ll continue to bring you any updates on the statue’s future.

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