Cloudy and muggy this morning; Some sunshine and storms expected shortly after the noon hour

Another muggy start to your day. Waking up with temperatures in the lower 70s, under some cloudy skies. Currently dry here in the Valley with some dense patches of fog off to our eastern counties.

We could see rain pick up later this morning thanks to a system off to the west, but the majority of that heavy rain is to the north of us this morning.

As we go into the later half of the morning, clouds will continue to build and actually lower our chances at rain a bit following the noon hour. Rain is still looking likely this afternoon due to a front to our west, bringing in rain and chances at some afternoon and evening storms.

With this system, and much like yesterday, we can expect to see gusty winds, heavy rainfall and a significant amount of lightning. This front will lag a bit, giving us higher rainfall amounts for today, but push through on Sunday.

For your Sunday morning, patching fog, partly cloudy and a chance at some overnight rain spilling over. Once that clears early in the day, we are going to see sunshine, cooler temperatures and a bit of a dry spell for the next few days.

We will feel the majority of the front’s impact throughout the week when we see those cooler temperatures settle in. We can look forward to the 80s. We can also expect to see humidity drop as well.

For the next ten days, it’s looking calm and comfortable, but more rain and storms are on the way by the end of next week.

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