Huntsville transportation officials hope new project will increase efficiency

Updated: Jul. 31, 2020 at 10:16 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville’s transportation system gets a new makeover in an effort to rebrand the system.

The Shuttle buses are now referred to as “Orbit” and the bus that was previously known as HandiRide is now called “Access.”

Crisy Meschieri is the brains behind the new names of the buses for the city of Huntsville, along with input from city officials.

“City leaders loved the name “Orbiter” so they suggested shortening it to ‘Orbit’ and having ‘Access’ be the name for the para-transit,” Meschieri said.

The rebranding efforts are phase three of a five phase plan to increase ridership and efficiency for public transportation.

A plan made possible after the city had an outside agency study the system.

Public transit manager John Autry said phase one gave riders more direct routes by restructuring them.

According to Autry, phase two increased the number of buses making transports faster and more efficient.

“So instead of having to wait an hour for a bus on many of the corridors you only have to wait 30 minutes,” Autry said. “Instead of taking an hour to get from point A to B now it can be less than 30 minutes.”

He also said these projects are possible because of federal help.

“Most of the funding for the study, the re-branding, the wrapping, the bus stop signs is sourced with federal transit dollars so it’s available to cities across the country,” he said.

What was once just a paper model is now real.

“Once its out there you are like oh my gosh, this is it,” Meschieri said.

Officials with the city tell us all buses will be rewrapped by mid-August.

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