Florence community holds prayer rally against human trafficking

Florence community holds prayer rally against human trafficking

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - Thursday marked World Day Against Trafficking.

It’s a global effort to end human trafficking.

When Micki Walker found out about World Day Against Trafficking in Persons she and other community members used prayer to take action.

“We wanted to come together as moms and believers and citizens and just human beings to bring awareness to child trafficking,” said Walker.

Before prayer began they read off human trafficking statistics.

One mother said she’s an advocate because she’s been a victim of abuse in the past.

“You don’t have a voice and there’s something and there’s something that says you can’t speak about this and the level that we’re praying about, the statistics these kids don’t even know the difference. I feel personally convicted to cry out on behalf of those who can’t cry out,” said Amy Clingan,

For one hour straight, people took turns praying for not only victims but also abusers

“Bottom line, they’re worth it. These children, our children, all children, all abusers, all traffickers are worthy of knowing that this is not the life that was destined for them and they deserve to be heard,” said Clingan.

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