Huntsville Police Department talks to city leaders about training and transparency

Huntsville Police Department talks to city leaders about training and transparency

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville Police Department officers spoke to leaders from the city on Wednesday to talk about the training they go through.

The work session lasted about four hours as multiple officers talked with city leaders about the resources they have at their department.

The discussion ended with council members asking the officers questions.

Huntsville Police Department Lt. Michael Johnson said the state requires 520 hours of training to become an officer, while Huntsville Police Department requires 780 hours.

Officials said only about 70 percent of cadets actually make it past the training phase, and when that happens, training doesn’t stop there.

“State regulations mandates 12 hours of continuing education for sworn officers every year, but our department requires 40 hours or more every year,” Johnson said.

Another topic Huntsville Police Department officials brought up, how technology has helped solve cases and bring justice to victims.

“By digitally reconstructing the crime scene with a three definition scanner, it really strengthens investigation and court room testimony,” Capt. Scott Hudson said.

Also addressed: police bias.

Lt. Jonathan Ware said back in 2016, Chief Mark McMurray found out that officers hadn’t gone through bias training, something that Lieutenant Ware said was fixed immediately.

“He immediately directed us to add that in and that was four years ago,” Ware said.

During the work session one protester was escorted out after City Council warned him to stop disrupting the meeting.

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