COVID-19 cases trending down at Athens-Limestone Hospital

COVID-19 cases trending down at Athens-Limestone Hospital

ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - For now, doctors at Athens-Limestone Hospital say they’re pretty steady with the rate of COVID-19 patients coming into the hospital.

Last week, they had more COVID patients in the ICU than non-COVID. However, those numbers are trending downward.

Athens-Limestone Hospital currently has 10 COVID-19 patients, but none of them are in the ICU at this time. That means no patients on ventilators or experiencing extreme illness.

However, Dr. Nauman Qureshi says these numbers can change at any moment.

He says his biggest concern is the public believing that COVID-19 is not an issue anymore.

“Complacency sets in and then you start taking things for granted, and we don’t need to do that. We cannot underestimate this COVID-19 bug. It is here to stay and as I have said, if the bug cannot jump from one person to the other person, that bug is going to die,” Qureshi said.

Athens-Limestone Hospital does have 13 employees currently quarantining with COVID-19.

Qureshi says the hospital is doing their best to rotate hospital staff to reduce infection as much as possible.

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