ADPH: Please don’t retest multiple times for COVID-19

Alexandria drive-through clinic

ALEXANDRIA, Ala. (WBRC) - Employers who demand COVID-19 patients return to work after two negative tests are not following protocol from the Centers for Disease Control. That word comes from Robbie Stubbs with the Alabama Department of Public Health as she assisted in a drive-thru clinic in Alexandria on Thursday.

She says many employers demand two COVID-19 tests to come back negative before an employee who tested positive may return to work.

The actual CDC protocol is to quarantine for at least ten days, and not to conduct retests.

“We have people who are testing every week, trying to get their two negatives in. That is not something to do,” Stubbs says. “We do not, by protocol, do retests, because it’s not CDC protocol.”

The ADPH holds these clinics throughout the state, often in communities that can draw people in from multiple counties.

Stubbs says about 8% of those tested last week in the Golden Springs community in Anniston came back positive, but that doesn’t mean 8% in Calhoun County. The number is actually closer to 14%.

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