Mars Hill ready for jump to Class 2A

Panthers aim for a state championship

Mars Hill ready for jump to Class 2A

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - They’ve set a standard in the state at Class 1A. The next challenge? Trying to become champions in Class 2A. Mars Hill Bible as hungry as ever to make a statement in 2020.

“Probably more hungry, Mars Hill Bible coach Darrell Higgins said, “Building a program is one thing, maintaining a program is another thing it’s even harder. From all my years at Deshler I knew that going in, so it makes me even more hungrier. Get up here, but lets stay up here, and lets become a dominant program that we want to be.”

This 2020 seniors had to overcome some serious adversity during their early seasons for the Panthers winning just one game in 2016. Now with a state championship under their belt, the upperclassman want to win one more.

“We got a group of seniors that were 8th graders when I got here, kinda a group that we’ve been building toward,” Higgins added. “We’ve got twelve of them. We didn’t have any numbers last year in last years seniors, so, these guys are a tight knit group, and they’re hungry and they’ve worked extremely hard right here to make sure they’re ready to go.”

Higgins believes that this could be his best team if they win it all.

“That’s a lot of pressure on us coaches to know that we have the talent to be as good as any team as we’ve had come through here. Possibly because of the years in the program and the experience, and we’ve got some coaches that are really committed and dedicated and all I gotta do is sit back and let em go, and it’s a lot of fun coaching here.”

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