Fayetteville private school sees enrollment surge for Fall 2020

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Students in Lincoln County are getting their backpacks ready for the first day of school next week.

Some will be participating in virtual school, but many will be in the classroom.

One private school in Lincoln County, Riverside Christian Academy, says it’s seeing last minute interest from parents in Madison County and an overall surge in enrollment.

According to Riverside Christian Academy President Dr. Laws Rushing, the academy has received several calls from Madison County families who want to send their child across the state line where they can go to school in-person.

The academy currently serves about 20 percent of families in North Alabama, but that number is rising.

The academy’s chairman is a local pediatrician and the academy runs a bus to Hazel Green everyday, which Rushing says could be two reasons why parents are reaching out.

The primary message parents have left is that in-person education is the most optimal for children.

Rushing says the academy is prepared for students to come back in the Fall and could not have finalized the plan without the flexibility of teachers.

“This year has thrown so many things at our teachers and I am thoroughly impressed with how they have been able to accept the challenge and have really come through in a big way for our families,” Rushing said.

Rushing says the school completed a poll that included all of their families. The overwhelming response was the desire for students to be in school.

The academy has a virtual instruction model ready in case of emergency. They are still accepting applications but space is limited.

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