Morgan County investigators working to curb deadly 2020 trend

19 homicides in the whole county, 10 assigned to the Morgan County Sheriff's Office. All of them solved.

Morgan County investigators working to curb deadly 2020 trend

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - There have been 19 homicides in Morgan County this year, and it’s only July.

This number includes cases Hartselle and Decatur police are working on as well.

For the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, they’ve had 10 homicide cases, all of them solved.

”I think it all has to do with it being an abnormal year. A lot of our citizens are under a lot of stress. A lot of problems come with what our country and our world is going through, and we’re no different in Morgan County,” Sheriff Ron Puckett said.

In 2019, there were no murders in the county. There were only three in 2018.

”Almost all of these murders that we have are domestic related. They’re not stranger on stranger murders. To our citizens, I would say, you’re okay. If you hear something or see something call us,” Puckett explained.

That’s exactly what the citizens of Morgan County have been doing.

”In regards to the murders we’ve had, in every instance, we’ve received information from people who know something that might not tell us everything, but becomes a piece of the puzzle,” Mike Swafford, with the sheriff’s office, said.

Swafford says the community played a large part in solving every murder.

In addition, investigators have worked overtime to analyze crime scenes, interview people with information and suspects, and eventually arrest the people responsible.

”It takes a lot of emotional effort to work these cases because you get involved. Investigators get involved. Next month all our investigators will be going through mental health counseling because it is a toll on our guys. We’re human,” Puckett said.

If you’d like to submit an anonymous tip to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, click here.

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