Home healthcare challenging during pandemic

Home healthcare amid the pandemic

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Most patients who receive care in their homes are typically elderly or have serious health issues, making them among the most susceptible to COVID-19.

Healthcare providers are not able to go into the homes of those they care for as often as they'd like, instead communicating digitally.

When they do enter homes, they wear head-to-toe PPE.

“Our biggest problem right now is family members not following the rules, not wearing masks, not washing their hands,” noted Randy Alban, Prospero Health Nurse Practitioner. Alban is in Irondale, and Prospero newly serves the Magic City region.

It's also a challenge to gauge the environment the patient is in without as many regular visits.

“It’s challenging because it’s one of the things especially in the care we provide, being able to understand the patient’s home situation,” said Alban.

They're asking more questions over the phone or digitally, trying to keep a close eye on patients who need them most.

Alban says constant contact helps keep them abreast of any needs the patients may have during the pandemic.

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