Athens mayor proposes pay raise for city employees

Athens mayor proposes pay raise for city employees

ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - Some first responders and city employees in Athens could be getting a pay raise.

Mayor Ronnie Marks says he asked the City Council to review a pay increase proposal.

If approved, it would give all city employees a 3 percent pay raise.

Marks also wants to see the base pay for police officers and firefighters increase by $6,000 annually.

He says the money is in the budget because of an increase in sales tax revenue.

“Our small retailers have been hurting. They still are to some degree. But the big box stores and online sales continue to boom. So overall, our city is in good shape. Matter of fact, we’re about 4-5 percent sales tax higher than we were last year at this time,” Marks said.

Marks says the increase would bring the starting police salary to about $41000 and the starting firefighter salary at about $38,000.

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