Sparkman High School sky bridge completed

VIDEO: Sparkman High School sky bridge completed

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - In nine days, teachers who work for the Madison County School District will be returning to their classrooms to get ready for the start of the virtual school year.

Employees will be seeing $20 million worth of improvements.

Some of the money was spent to build the Sky bridge, that now connects the 9th grade wing to the rest of the school.

It cost a little more than $1 million.

WAFF went on an exclusive tour inside the school to check out all of the other upgrades, like a new auditorium. There are more than 700 seats so students in the district no longer have to leave campus to put on a show.

“It will sit about 750 students which helps us a lot because beforehand we had to do our plays and musicals down at the Civic Center at the Playhouse. Now we can host it right here on campus and the students don’t have to drive to downtown Huntsville, we can have all of our musicals and plays right here,” said Principal Chris Shaw.

Speaking of performances, the band room might be empty now, but there will be enough space for everyone in band.

“Our band is close to 300 members and our band room for a high school is probably one of the biggest band rooms in the entire state of Alabama,” said Shaw.

One of the most noticeable changes to the school is the sky bridge. Although it cost a lot of money, the principal says it’s money well spent. He even thinks the school district will save money in the long run.

“Before the sky bridge, we had a sheriffs deputy who had to stop traffic and had to walk across the street. Now with the sky bridge, because we share classes, especially with our athletics, ROTC, band and choir, students can safely walk back-and-forth across the sky bridge and they don’t have to worry about the traffic. It also really puts a lot of parents minds at ease. The district saves money because we don’t have to pay for a sheriffs deputy to work the road when people went across the street,” said Shaw.

There are also six new classrooms, improvements to the parking lot and a new track. The principal says it’s money well spent.

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