Huntsville bar employees upset by new alcohol sales restriction

VIDEO: Huntsville bar employees upset by new alcohol sales restriction

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A vote Monday morning by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board will restrict alcohol sales at 11 p.m. for all restaurants, bars and country clubs.

The emergency health order will be enforced starting Saturday, August 1.

The decision is not sitting well with business owners. Mickey Summeford is the president of four bars on Washington Street.

The new rule has Summerford questioning if he’ll be able to make rent.

“We’re barely making it. And then when this come out. Most of our business, you know we are a later night area. This is going to take ninety percent of our business away,” Summerford said.

The operations manager for Miller’s Tavern, Whiskey Bottom and Palms Night Club is also angry.

“This is our livelihood and I feel like they are taking that away from us,” said operations manager Jill Acklin. “We were abiding by all the CDC guidelines, wearing the masks the sanitizer. I don’t know what more they want from us.”

She says she believes customers have been careful.

“Just because people were in their homes and they were bored and missed that interaction with people doesn’t mean that they can’t come out and responsibly have a beer with their friends and stay six feet a part from other people,” Acklin explained.

Hannah Amesbury is a bartender at Whiskey Bottom and says her job is getting her through college at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

“I pay for school out of pocket. I’ve never taken out any student loan. I have other bills on top of that. This is how I pay for everything. I don’t even clock in most of the time until eight and 10 p.m. For me to work in between an hour and three hours. Its ridiculous,” Amesbury said.

Acklin started an online petition Monday.

So far it has more than 700 signatures.

“My ultimate goal is for Montgomery to listen to us, for the ABC board to listen to us and consider letting each municipality make their own decisions based on the number of cases we have here,” Acklin said.

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