Roadblock in monument relocation in Lauderdale County

Roadblock in monument relocation in Lauderdale County

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - For the time being, it looks the Confederate statue outside the Lauderdale County Courthouse is not moving.

Lauderdale County Commission Chairman Danny Pettus says it would take action from the legislature to move the statue.

“The law states that if it’s been more than 40 years you can’t even apply for a waiver to some committee down there in Montgomery to move it,” said Pettus.

Although the statue belongs to the city, the statue has been on Lauderdale County’s property for more than 100 years.

Florence’s City Council asked the commission for a resolution granting the authority to remove the statue.

But the Lauderdale County Commission says they’d still be on the hook for that.

“We found out from our attorneys if we allow them to move it we would be the ones violating the law. The county would because it’s on county property. So the county, we’re the ones responsible for it. It all comes back to us,” said Pettus.

There have been several protests outside the courthouse calling for the statue’s removal.

One of the leaders of that movement says they aren’t giving up.

“We will definitely be persisting,” said Camille Bennett with “Project Say Something.”

Bennett says she wasn’t surprised by the county’s decision.

“It is exactly what I was expecting from them based on their past unethical and immoral behavior,” said Bennett.

Bennett says she and others are going to continue the fight.

“Obviously, our goal is for the monument to come down and I hope that we not only shine a light on the white supremacy that exists in our community, but we also shine a light on the white supremacy that created the memorial preservation act which would have come from the state of Alabama,” said Bennett.

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