Cleaning professionals work to fight COVID-19

Cleaning workers fighting COVID

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve brought you countless stories of people fighting the virus on the front lines - healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store workers, truck drivers…

Another group that likewise deserves a due amount of attention is cleaning professionals. They’re heading into homes and workspaces, possibly exposing themselves to COVID-19 in order to help sanitize and clear out the virus.

While it’s a job that certainly comes with risks, it’s one that Tim Outson, the owner-operator of the cleaning service Huntsville Chem-Dry, is willing to take on.

“With a pandemic, I think it’s raised more awareness of cleaning not when things just look dirty, but cleaning for the things that you can’t see,” says Outson. “The viruses, the germs, the bacteria…”

Outson and his technicians work in both residential and commercial settings to clean high-contact surfaces like doorknobs and chair backs as well as low-contact areas like floors and rugs.

“We like to educate our customers whether it’s standing there in your living room and explaining exactly what we can do for you and create a healthy home. We’re glad to answer those questions; we like those questions,” says Outson. “And in a commercial setting, if someone needs a plan of how they can keep their facility safe, we can do that as well with our electrostatic spraying, disinfecting, sanitizing, the 90-day protection...”

Outson’s team also makes sure to wear masks, sanitize equipment and social distance while on the job.

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