Teachers rally across the state for virtual classes

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There’s a growing Facebook group called Alabama Teachers Against COVID-19, or ATAC-19.

That facebook group, which now has over 5,500 members, plans to demonstrate in Montgomery on Thursday in front of the Alabama State Capitol.

The group’s main goal is to get all state schools to go virtual until COVID-19 numbers go down.

The group’s founder, Tracey Davis, says that opening schools right now is not safe for anyone.

Davis says there are too many unanswered questions about testing, who is at risk, and availability of substitutes.

She is pleased with the decision in Madison County yesterday and hopes that it leads to smaller school systems joining suit.

Overall, Davis says this is about the well-being of teachers across the state and encourages districts to do what she believes will save lives in the long run.

“Even though we see systems going full virtual, they are all not on board yet. And until every single district or system in Alabama chooses full virtual, we are going to continue to fight to potentially save each and every Alabama teacher’s life.” Davis said. “We want to assure that nobody has to go face-to-face, that’s a high-risk and we don’t want to put our teachers in that position.”

Davis says all members who participate today will be wearing masks and social distancing.

Their plan is to stand along Dexter Avenue leading up to the Capitol building.

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