Madison Cross Roads Elementary to provide all needed school supplies for students

Madison Cross Roads to provide all supplies

TONEY, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s no doubt coronavirus has put extra stress on all of us and especially on parents. That’s why one local school is stepping up to lend a helping hand.

This year, Madison Cross Roads Elementary will provide all necessary school supplies to each of its students.

“Under the circumstances, a lot of parents are out of work... We wanted to be able to provide the supplies for those students,” says Principal Linda Arredondo.

Faculty came up with a list of all items they knew students would need - even to learn virtually - and began reaching out to the school’s community partners for donations.

“We reached out to them, and we said, ‘Hey, this year we want to do something new. We don’t want to send out supply lists. We don’t want to burden our parents right now with having to buy supplies, spending extra money... Would you be willing to do *this instead of *this for the coming school year?' And of course we had several that said, ‘Oh, absolutely!‘”

Different businesses and organizations began claiming items like pencils and hand sanitizer, buying them in bulk for the students. Madison Cross Roads Elementary is overwhelmed by the support.

”We will provide those individual supplies for each and every student that’s enrolled at Madison Cross Roads, and that’s really awesome to be able to say that!” says Arredondo. “And that’s only because of these community partners that we have and realizing that we are better together. We can’t do what we do without that it-takes-a-village mentality because it really does, and we are so appreciative of those partnerships that we have.”

The school still lacks a few needed supplies, so if you are looking to help, feel free to give the school a call or send a Facebook message.

“We would with open arms gladly receive any donations, and we appreciate that so much.”

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