Madison County schools prepare for remote learning

Madison County schools prepare for remote learning

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - After much deliberation, students in all three school districts throughout Madison County will start school online for the first nine weeks.

On Wednesday, Madison County school officials talked to our crew about how this decision will impact your child.

According to school officials, school leaders will be tweaking logistics for the next few days on how to pull off teaching remotely.

Madison County spokesperson Tim Hall said school officials based this decision on safety for students and faculty during the pandemic.

Hall said remote learning will allow students’ class schedules to be flexible.

“For some school may begin as early as 7 o’ clock,” Hall said. “I just learned in a meeting moments ago it may go to 7 p.m. because if a parents at work, then children aren’t able to get the help they need from them, so they can start later. So we are going to have flexibility.”

What's not flexible, Hall said, is the quality of education.

“The program is video based,” he said. “Don’t think your child is going to watch a video, and that’s the end of the lessons for the day. They will be tested, graded on achievements, measurements, even timelines.”

According to Hall, teachers are currently being trained on the program.

Hall said each student will get the same help and interaction with their teacher that they did before, now just from the safety of their own homes.

When the symbolic lunch bell rings, Hall tells us free and reduced cost lunches will still be available.

“Bottom line, we are going to see that students get fed. If students need a meal they are going to get a meal,” he said.

For students who need a computer or access to Wi-Fi, Hall says that will happen too.

Also, for employees who will not be in their normal roles, Hall said they will still be on the payroll.

“Right now meetings are underway to find out since we don’t need bus drivers where we will switch their roles to,” he said. “They might deliver meals.”

Hall told our crew in-person school will resume only if COVID-19 cases start dropping.

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