Lincoln County and Fayetteville City Schools give parents options for the fall

Both school districts are working together to create a fluid plan for all students and faculty

Lincoln County and Fayetteville City Schools give parents options for the fall

FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WAFF) - Lincoln County Schools will have three plans this upcoming fall.

They have the virtual academy, that was rolled out before COVID-19. This option still remains.

Then there’s virtual learning through each school and in-person, traditional learning.

”Parents are the number one educators in their kids lives. I think parents need to have an option,” Lincoln County Schools Superintendent Bill Heath said.

Heath says once an option is chosen, that student will stick with it for nine weeks.

For parents choosing virtual, Heath wants to reassure you this will still provide a quality education.

”There has to be a delivery of high quality instruction that’s delivered to the student. Work assigned that is rigorous work, rigorous curriculum that work would be graded or reviewed by the teacher and given back to the student. And a follow up assignment at some time,” Heath explained.

A similar plan is also in place for Fayetteville City Schools.

They have two options, virtual or traditional learning.

”At the end of the nine weeks, if they’d like to reevaluate and go traditional, they can do that. At any point in time, a student can decide if they’re in traditional they can decide to go virtual,” Fayetteville City Schools Superintendent Bill Hopkins explained.

Hopkins says students and staff are encouraged to wear masks, social distance and will have temperature checks every day.

”Once someone tests positive, and we know that that’s probably going to happen if you look at all the data. Then you worry that at that point in time, the unknowns. The panic of the unknown has all of us concerned,” Hopkins said.

Another concern both district leaders have is flu season.

In the last several years, both Lincoln County and Fayetteville City Schools have had locations shut down because of massive flu outbreaks.

Hopkins and Heath want you to know they’ll be monitoring symptoms and will isolate students, teachers and faculty as needed.

To view Lincoln County School’s official reopening plan click here.

For Fayetteville City School’s plan, click here.

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