Working parents in Madison Co. stressed about virtual learning

Working parents in Madison Co. stressed about virtual learning

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - For some parents the news of the districts going virtual brought a wave of stress.

“Oh lord, what am I going to do.”

Kristen Cameron is one of them.

She’s a single mom of three kids and has been on unemployment since March.

She’s been trying to find a job. But now..

“How am I going to go to work and ensure that I’m raising competent adults,” Cameron said.

Cameron can’t leave them home alone.

“If I were to work a graveyard shift, I could have CPS involved. They’re 7, 6, 2. You cannot leave them home alone for any amount of time,” she explained.

She says she hopes the virtual academy will allow flexibility with assignments

“Instead of it being due by six o’clock that day, hey you have until Saturday at six o’clock to have the entire week done,” Cameron said.

Paula Philips is also a single mom.

She says she fortunate to work from home as an interpreter, but..

“It requires a very quiet environment so, with kids at home it’s challenging,” she said.

She says her biggest concern is with her youngest child who is seven.

“They do require a lot more hands on and I’m looking for someone that could maybe tutor to help me out, cause I work a full day as well so I cannot be there to provide the support that they will need,” Phillips said.

Paula’s oldest daughter, Sy, says she thrived with virtual learning at the end of the last school year

“I like teaching myself and working out ways to make it easier for me to learn. And my grades got a lot better with virtual school,” Sy said.

I reached out to Madison County Schools about guiding working parents through this transition.

The statement reads:

“We realize today’s decision has placed some of our parents in a hardship. We are aware of this and we care about their needs. We can tell you we are working with community leaders and will be attending a meeting with many of them tomorrow as we search for solutions that will benefit our parents in need,” Madison County Schools spokesman Tim Hall said.

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