Retesting guidance shifts for COVID-19

When you should skip a COVID test

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - With impending fears of increased demand for COVID-19 testing from schools reopening, colleges mandating tests and even the onset of flu season, the CDC and local health officials are advising people to approach testing carefully.

For employers, the advice is to consider relaxing the rules that someone needs a negative test to come back if they've quarantined for ten days and no longer have symptoms.

“There are some people, that will have a persistently positive test but they are deemed no longer contagious, and the test is picking up dead virus and your body is shedding dead virus particles, and so the test is coming up positive,” explained Dr. David Hicks with the Jefferson County Department of Health.

In fact, some people may cause a positive test result for months following their initial positive result.

As such, he suggests being very aware of any symptoms and consulting with your primary care doctor before seeking a COVID-19 test.

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