Remote learning vs. signing up for a virtual academy

Remote learning vs. signing up for a virtual academy

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - One question we've heard numerous times: What is the difference between remote learning and the virtual academy?

Madison city, Madison County, and Huntsville city school districts offer some sort of virtual academy. To be eligible for virtual academy, parents must enroll their students with an intent form. Whereas, parents who hope to send their kids back to the classroom eventually, do not need to complete a form.

Remote learning follows the standard school structure and bell times. The lessons and assignments will be like traditional school.

Virtual learning allows students to have flexibility in their schedules to do assignments and course work at their own pace. These students can work during non-traditional hours. They stay in contact with their teacher and classmates using web-based class sessions or emails.

The choice is up to the parents, but you are asked to stick with one decision for the entire semester.

“It is important if you want to stay in the virtual academy, you are knowing you want to stay there the entire semester,” said Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Christie Finley. “By allowing them to go back in, all our principals would have to make another master schedule.”

Each district posted their virtual academy intent forms on their websites.

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